About the Dj to Go,
Jeff Stevens, located in Fredericksburg, Virginia
Serving Northern VA, D.C. and Southern Maryland
The bottom line is it's all about you and your guest; however the following
information is provided in case you would like to know a little background about
the Dj to Go.

The Dj to Go is a lifetime musician with a natural calling to entertain.  In 1998, while playing
in a band, another member could not make it so he "spun" music and found customers
enjoyed being able to have a wide variety of music readily available for them.  He was hooked
and his business took off exponentially; from a single amp, a couple of turn tables and
speakers to several professional sound systems that can power a live rock band (he's had
to put his drum set to the side & plays for himself nowadays).  
He is proud of his service to
our country after 25 years in the United States Navy and now serving others on their very
special day.

Why does he do it? He enjoys working with and taking care of you while interacting with your guest
and playing great music.  He cares deeply about your needs and special occasion for which he feels
blessed to be a part of.  To the DJ to Go, "
world-class service" means providing you that extra service
that others might not be willing to.  He does this through the use of professional gear, motivated
attitude, years of talent, and staying current with the latest techniques and trends.

Sounding Good!  Pioneer & Ecler mixers,  QSC and Yamaha speakers,  Heil & Sure Microphones,
Tracktor and Virtual DJ programs, Apple Computers, Monster Cables, and DBX are some of the names
that are a part of the Dj to Go's professional sound system that provide great sound.  He would like to
think you are hiring him because of his great looks, or that he plays for a song (pardon the musical pun
: ) but the fact is, he wants to provide you  both professional service and professional sound with
World-Class Service!

Talented and Professional.  Hiring the DJ to Go means you get a professional DJ with experience who
is customer focused and the ability to coordinate multiple facets.  You get professional equipment, sever
professional music distribution lists (all the hits in many genres), years of music knowledge, and song
mixing skills.  The Dj to Go is confident, yet easy to get along with...traits crucial to be somebody you
can trust as your master of ceremonies.  

The Dj to Go is a sole proprietor who does not hire others to do his work on your very
special day.  You talk with and get Geoff, the DJ to Go!  He takes pride in tailoring your
ideas, desires and vision for your special occasion.

If you would like to talk with Jeff, please call (540) 455-3830 or e-mail  Gepff.
"Your special event means everything to me..." -- Geoffrey Stevens, the Dj to Go
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Professional DJ entertains Northern VA through world class service professional DJ gear and because he loves being a
DJ.  Providing outstanding DJ Service throughout Virginia and the East Coast as one of the Best Mobile DJ Services.  
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.  Serving the greater Fredericksburg, Stafford, King George and Culpepper areas to include the Greater
Northern VA DJ, Central Virgina Wedding DJ, Washington DC DJ and Southern Maryland/Waldorf Maryland Wedding DJ
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